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tv   ABC World News Tonight  ABC  February 8, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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welcome to "world news tonight." extreme weather. two storms strengthening. the east bracing for trouble. schools closed travelers stranded. and in the west, heavy rain and fierce winds. mudslides. wildfires burning. fighting isis. the brutal acts backfiring? martha raddatz in an exclusive interview. what he says about the young woman captured by isis. great escape. the snowboard on a run when happens. this camera catching, his lucky break. but why is it so deadly? and lottery dreams. the powerball jackpot growing.
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life-changing money. but how many actually use it to change lives? good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm tom llamas. let's get right to the storms bearing down on the east and west coast tonight. more than 60 million people in its path. take a look at the map. two powerful systems blowing across america. monday promising to be a difficult day for travel. one storm already saturating parts of the west. and a new storm under way. flash flood watches and high wind warnings in effect. and in the east, snow starting up again. accidents on the roads. boston in the bull's-eye again. more than a foot of snow expected. already, schools are closing until wednesday. we begin with rob marciano in boston. >> this is what's it's like living in boston.
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>> reporter: tonight the northeast bracing for yet another blast from mother nature. >> and guess what. it hasn't even started snowing yet. >> reporter: covering nine states, from pennsylvania to maine. slick roads sending cars into snow banks on roads from new hampshire to vermont. here in boston, a city that's already seen nearly five feet of snow so far this season, looking to be buried again with more than a foot from now until tuesday. >> we've never seen this kind of snow here in the city of boston any time in the history of our city. >> reporter: schools are closed monday and tuesday. the city even banning parking cars on the street. just another sunday here in massachusetts. where the salt spreaders and plow trucks are lining up again to battle another snowstorm. the snow sending boston to its breaking point. >> we're running out of space where to put all the snow. >> reporter: the city's already exceeding its $18 million snow budget for the year. transit officials preparing for the worst. borrowing snow melters from new york city. this machine, melting 350 tons of snow every hour.
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but an arctic blast threatens to freeze the piles. meaning that snow is not going anywhere anytime soon. >> we can see one of the snow melters you mentioned. how long will it take for the storm to play out? >> the next 24 hours, 36 hours, these guys are going to be working through the night. no doubt about that. it means different things for different people. will start as rain and turn to snow in new york. the morning will be a mess. all day tomorrow travel will be hazardous. it will then turn to ice throughout the day. here are the totals we expect. in boston, maybe two feet of snow on top of everything else we've seen. >> so much snow in boston. and walk us through the storm out west. >> that is a very big and dangerous storm. just to the west of san francisco, you see on the
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satellite picture. strong winds, maybe severe weather tonight. pushing to washington and oregon tomorrow. flooding and mudslides a potential through tuesday. two big storms on both coasts tonight. >> thank you. let's go west, where that new pacific storm is drenching several states. creating a new series of headaches. aditi roy is in sacramento. >> reporter: overnight, eight missing hikers rescued, losing their way. up nearly 9,000 feet. heavy rains and snow making it tough to see on the mountain. >> it was very windy, and visibility was very poor. >> reporter: officials say it took nearly ten hours. >> i've been doing this 20 years, and i've never seen anybody so happy to see us. >> reporter: and that storm that has been wreaking havoc on northern california roads and homes. look at this shot from the
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interstate, heavy rain, dangerous conditions, gusts of up to 60 miles per hour. downing trees and power lines. the whipping winds fanning a wildfire in the sierra monthens. residents evacuated, still unable to return. the rain helping to put out the flames. now 65% contained. in northern california, the worst is yet to come. they're bracing for more stormy weather coming tomorrow. aditi roy, abc news, sacramento, california. now, new developments in isis. are they losing support in the arab world? martha raddatz in jordan with the american leading the coalition against the terror group. >> reporter: the fight against isis has not let up.
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general allen warns this will be a very long fight. tonight, jordan promises more air strikes, despite isis claims that american hostage kayla mueller was killed. and other nations in the region are taking notice. what effect has this had? >> i think it's gal unified the coalition. >> reporter: and the united arab emirates is sending a squadron of fighter jets to jordan to show the partnership is strong. up until now, the u.s. has conducted 80% of air strikes up until now. but the horrific death of the jordanian pilot may have a turning point in the fight. do you believe the murder of the pilot backfired? >> absolutely, it did. >> reporter: but isis continues
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to control large swaths of territory in both syria and iraq. >> isil is at an entirely different level than al qaeda was. >> reporter: with a reach that could go beyond this region. do you believe they pose a threat to the homeland? >> we should take it very seriously. >> does he have any more information about kayla mueller? >> he was very very cautious. couldn't confirm or deny anything. but he said he's praying and hoping she's alive. >> martha, thank you. back here in the states, a teenager is in custody accused of going on a shooting spree next to a children's area in a crowded shopping mall. police went store by store looking for the gunman. you won't believe how they
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tracked him down. here's bobbi kanani. >> reporter: a pittsburgh area mall. >> people started running. i just heard the shots. >> reporter: 7:33 saturday night, reports of gunfire after 17-year-old suspect tarrod thornhill opened fire, injuring three people near the inside entrance to a macy's. just steps away from a play area. in the chaos, children separated from their parents. >> i couldn't find my kid. some guy dove on top of her, and i looked and said, thank you. >> reporter: by 9:00 p.m., police have cleared the mall. shoppers and staff evacuated from more than 100 stores. >> we had people hiding in closets. >> reporter: 3:15 a.m., thornhill is captured, with help from his instagram account. >> within the first hour, we knew who he was. >> reporter: investigators say
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he took aim at his apparent target, a 20-year-old man. and bullets hitting a father and mother. their son, just steps behind. doctors say all three victims are expected to survive. thornhill is being charged as an adult, but there is no comment on a possible motive for the shooting. >> thank you. now to malibu, where we have details of a deadly car crash involving bruce jenner. the olympic gold medalist and reality star behind the wheel in a multivehicle accident. linzie janis has the story. >> are you okay? >> reporter: tonight, police looking into the role bruce jenner may have played in this fatal crash that left one woman dead. is he a suspect? >> no,he's just a party to the crash. >> reporter: here's what police
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say happened. a dark blue prius suddenly slows down. the driver behind, slamming on her brakes. jenner smashes the lexus, and a black hummer going in the opposite direction crashes into it. killing the driver. how bad of an accident was this? >> it sounded horrific, and the cars looked demolished. >> reporter: and jenner, a olympic runner and the of the kardashian family. and now the subject of intense speculation due to his changing appearance. but police stay they weren't chasing him. >> it doesn't appear to have been a significant factor. >> reporter: police say that
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will be following up with jenner tomorrow. tom? >> thank you. now to a convicted murderer given a chance at freedom thanks to a wildly popular podcast. after millions of listeners heard his story, he will have an appeal. here's gloria riviera. >> reporter: tonight, a second chance for a convicted murderer. the case reopened by a mar judge after a popular podcast, serial, took another case. playing detective, painstakingly probing the case against syed. convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend in 1999 and sentenced to prison. >> for the last year, i've spent every working day trying to figure out where a high school kid was in 1989. >> reporter: at the time, syed
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a popular high school student. the podcast exposing cracks in the prosecution's case. and the key witness, adnan jay. claiming he was contacted from a pay phone outside of this best buy. no sign, no hard evidence of a pay phone existing here. >> the best buy employees did not remember a pay phone here back then. >> reporter: jay, changing his story three times. >> thinking, maybe the police put him up to this. >> reporter: next, the attorney never called a possible alibi witness. and finally, syed argued his lawyer was ineffective. serial showing a different side of this young man. >> i'm not saying i was a great person or anything, but i never displayed any tendencies like that. >> reporter: syed now 33 always maintaining his innocence. the court now giving him fresh hope for a new trial.
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>> so many questions. gloria, thank you. next up, the novel, stirring up controversy. months before it's even out. the sequel to "to kill a mocking bird." harper lee 88 and in failing health, was she part of the decision to release this man script? here's davis wright. >> you never understand a person until you consider things from his point of view. >> reporter: a new chapter, 55 years later. >> where you going? >> reporter: "to kill a mockingbird" was the only one harper lee published. now, there is a sequel, "go set a watchman." now, some saying they don't believe the author wanted to publish another one. and after a stroke, some feel
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she may not be able to object. others dispute that. >> i'm tired of the misrepresentation. i'm with her once a month and she's not demented. >> reporter: a message from lee, i'm alive and happy about the reactions to "watchman". and is hurt and humiliated about this. portions of the novel were adapted to "to kill a mockingbird." even before it's out, it's already number one on amazon. but why has it taken so long? that's a mystery. the author, like boo radley. off in the shadows. david wright abc news, new york. much more to come tonight. up next a snowboarder escapes
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you feel. you just try to get out of it alive. >> reporter: here in the u.s., avalanche season is well under way. each new winter storm bringing potentially dangerous conditions. 4 already killed this season, 35 last season. and last month, two men training with the u.s. ski team in austria were killed. rescue teams at the ready. and i hope the dog is close. we practiced with rescue teams on copper mountain. this is like concrete, almost. >> it's exactly like concrete. it starts getting churned up heat and pressure and it locks up like concrete. >> reporter: radu lived to snowboard another day. he didn't get involved with an
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infection. if you're still just managing your symptoms, ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. straight to our "instant index." we start with a passing legendary coach dean smith has died. he coached the university of north carolina's tar heels for 36 years. among them, nba great michael jordan. calling smith tonight his second father. saying other than his parents, no one had a bigger impact. coach dean smith was 83 years old. and the battle for oscar. the stakes have been raised after the director's guild gave top honors to
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but the baftas gave their top honor to "boyhood." the winner of the dga award has gotten the top prize in all but seven times in 67 years. the race is on. and in florida, our first look at this dramatic rescue over christmas. two officers spotting a man trapped inside his burning car. they smash the window and pull him out to safety. the deputies were just honored this past friday for saving his life. work well done. when we come back, no winner yet. the powerball jackpot is getting even bigger. but the reasons so many of us are lining up to win being are saying even more about who we are. side effects may include headache abdominal pain and diarrhea. if you have persistent diarrhea, contact
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finally tonight, all it takes is a dollar and a dream, or maybe two dollars. with no winner last night, the stakes have been raised, and the ante is up. now, dreams of wealth are shifting into overdrive. here's john donvan.
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>> reporter: what lotteries say about who we are. the people that have won big money, and what they've done with it. the iowa couple winning $202 million, spending millions on their community. like a football stadium. and the firefighters in new mexico, won $10,000, and it went to a buddy for his brain surgery. and the other side, when one worker didn't tell the others in the pool with him that they won 38$38 million. just stopped showing up to work. how about the dreamers, those buying their tickets today, with the jackpot close to $450 million. >> got some numbers going to check it out. >> reporter: dreams tell us what we're made of. so, we heard buy me some expensive stuff. >> a yacht. >> reporter: the take care of my family dream. >> give half of it to my
6:58 pm
children to buy houses. >> reporter: the relocation dream. >> get out of my apartment and move. >> reporter: and a fair amount of philanthropic dreaming like this. >> go to a charitable foundation. >> reporter: and this. >> probably give it all away. >> reporter: and this one, so lofty and undefined. >> help the children. >> telling us what we're of. "gma" first thing in the morning. david muir will be back here tomorrow night. i'm tom llamas in new york. have a great evening. good night.
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bergeron: here's a sneak peek at tonight's "afv." we dare you not to laugh. [ air horn blares ] [ grunts ] aah! oh! [ laughter and applause ] welcome to... and now, here he is, the host of "afv"... all: tom bergeron! yes! thank you very much and thank you to hattie, georgia, tucker, and henry for that lovely introduction, guys.


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